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Newcomers, now touring

Minds, movement and popular culture are recurring themes in Robins Jonsson's work. Throughout his career, he has been interested in the relationship between man and machine as well as the digital development and what it can bring to the performing arts field.


Stable, intuitive and innovative, Jonsson creates works that both amaze and fascinate. With state-of-the-art technology and with an unrivaled ingenuity, Jonsson expands a virtual stage space with unreserved possibilities.


His previous work, Alone Together, was an attempt to transfer what is essential in the performing arts – presence, intimacy and exclusivity – to the digital environment.


In Newcomers, we return to the VR platform that Robin built for Alone Together. Online, with interactive tools and in real time, the audience gets the opportunity to experience and co-create dance art in a digital world with almost infinite capacity. This time on themes around digital consent and virtual abuse. The work has been created together with high school youth. The audience wears VR headsets in which they see and experience a fully interactive performance and can themselves move freely in virtual worlds with each other and with the dancers.

Concept: Robin Jonsson
Created by and performed by: Emelie Wahlman, Nea Landin and Filippa Fahlin
Light-design: Angela X
Music: Elize Arvefjord
Technician: Angela X
VR-design: Lutra Interactive
VR-developer: Dyno Robotics

Tickets and info click here.

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