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About me

I am a choreographer, producer and sound-artist. I’ve been creating and touring dance-productions since 2006, in Europe and the world. I was based in Brussels from 2004 to 2015 where I studied at the well known dance school P.A.R.T.S, led by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker,  leader of the dance-company ROSAS. I am currently based in Stockholm.

                                                                              CURRICULUM VITAE in short


2011-2013    Music and sound-production at the university of Dalarnas, Sundsvalls och Kalmar.

2004-2008     P.A.R.T.S. Performing Arts Research And Training Studios, Brussels

1997-2003     The Royal Swedish Balett School, Stockholm.


"Other than human", premiere on September 3rd at Dansens Hus.

"Robot as Yoga-instructor" at "Making machines human" at the Museum of Science in Stockholm

The most human (2018)(SE)(Supported by MDT, Atalante and Dansstationen, The Cullberg balett, Köttinspektionen, Department of computer science at the University of Linköping, The Swedish Arts Council of Sweden, The Swedish arts grant committee, The county of Stockholm and the city of Stockholm)
Dance-scene in the feature film Aniara (2018) (SE)
Nya dansare, finns dem? (2016-17) (The County of Stockholm)
The Hollows 2 (2013) (SE,BE,HOL) (the Department of culture at the flemish community)
The Hollows 1 (2012) (BE,NOR,HOL) (The Swedish arts council)
Simulations (2010) (SE,NOR, HOL, BE) (The Swedish arts council and the Swedish arts grant committee)
ROFLMAOWTIME by Malin Axelsson (SE)
I Believe I Can See The Future (2008) (MEX,SE,BE,GER,POR,TUN)
Super Conflict (2007) (HOL,SE,BE,UK,GER)

Present woods: (2019) Örebro Konsthall

About a tree: (2018) (SE) (Stockholms Stad)
Close to listen: (2017) (SE) (The Awesome foundation)
Metro-swap (2016) (SE,BE,AUS) (The County of Stockholm)
If trees had ears (2015-16) (SE,BE) (The Swedish arts council and the Swedish arts grant committee)
The Hollows 2 (2013) (SE,BE,HOL) (the Department of culture at the flemish community)
Fun, Laughs, Good time by Ludvig Daae (2013) (SE, NOR)
The one that became this one by Ludvig Daae (2013) (SE)
“You ain’t heard nothing yet” by Vera Tussing (2012)( SE,BE,UK)
Ett drömspel by BUS (2012+2015) (SE)

Martial arts for dancers: 2018-19 and onwards (The Cullbergballet, Danscentrum, DOCH Stockholm, Dansalliansen)
Dance as training for soccer-players (BKBK, Stockholm)
Copying virtual bodies as a choreographic method (Dansk Scenekunstskole) (DAN)
Workshop conceptual soundwork in choreography (DOCH)
Lecture conceptual soundwork in choreography (DOCH)

Sara Lönnroth leader at Transit Kulturinkubator:, 070 281 27 76
Ludvig Daae, choreograph and dancer,,  072 200 40 64

Selection of works

Present woods

Sound-installation in Örebro Konsthall

Role: Sound-artist and technician

The most human (2018)
Dance with a humanoid robot and a human dancer
Collaboration with Fredrik Löfgren vid Linköpings Universitet
Role: Choreographer
Support from MDT, Life Long Burning, Tre scener, Departement of computer science at the University of Linköping, Köttinspektionen in Uppsala ,City of Stockholm, The county of stockholm, the Swedish arts grant committee

About a tree (2017-18)
Soundinstallation in Nacka Natural reserve in collaboration with Bagarmossens Folkets Hus.
Role: sound-artist and technician.

Nya dansare, finns dem? (2016-17)
Pre-study of integrating newly arrived dancers into the Swedish dance-field.
Role: choreographer and producer
Development support from the county of Stockholm.

Metro-swap 2015-16
Soundinstallation in the metro of Stockholm
Role: Soundtechnician and producer
Support from the county of Stockholm
Presented in the Tempo-festivalen 2016.

If trees had ears, 2015-16
Role: Field recordinst and producer.
Support from the Swedish Arts Grant committee and Kulturbryggan.

The Hollows 2, 2013-14
Role: Choreographer, soundtechnician and projectleader.
Produceed by wpzimmer in Antwerp, Belgium.
the Department of culture at the flemish community and the city of Stockholm.
Premiere 2014 at Dansens Hus in Stockholm
Presentation and co-production at BUDA Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk,Belgium
Presentation at Mestizo Arts Festival in Antwerp.
Supported by Vooruit Kunstencentrum in Gent.

The Hollows 1, 2012-13.
Site-specific sound and dance-installation
Role: Choreogpraher and project-leader
Projectgrant from the Swedish Arts Council and scholarship from The Petra and Karl Erik Hedborg Foundation
Premiere and co-produced by Vooruit Kunstencentrum in Ghent, Belgium
Presentation at Tweetakt Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands and at the International Theater Festival in Stamsund, Norway

Simulations 2010
Role: Choreographer, sound-technician  and project-leader
Projectgrant from The Swedish arts council and Framtidens Kultur
Projektbidrag från det Svenska Kulturrådet och Framtidens Kultur
Coproduced bt Kunstenscentrum Monty i Antwerpen. Supported by PACT Zollverein in Essen, Germany, Vooruit Kunstencentrum in Gent, Belgium and Nottle Theatre Company in South-Korea
Presentationer at Tweetakt Festival in Utrecht, Holland,  MDT in Stockholm, Kunstenscentrum Monty in Antwerp, Belgien, Kunstencentrum BUDA in Kortrijk, Belgium within the ”Next Festival” and at Tanztensenzen i Griefswald, Tyskland

I Believe I Can See The Future samt Super Conflict 2007-2008.
Roll: Role: Choreographer, sound-technician, sound-artist and project-leader
Created during my  studies at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.
Presentations at Tweetakt Festival Utrecht in Holland, Dansnät Sverige,Prisma-Forum in Mexico City, The MADE-festivalen in Umeå, Storm op Komst-festivalen in Turnhout,  Sadler´s Well´s in London, Dansand festival in Ostende, The  Amperdans-festival in Antwerp, Monty Kunstencentrum in Antwerp, Kaaitheater in Brussels.  Presentations within the P.A.R.T.S.-tour: Göteborg dans och teaterfestival, Impulstanz, Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, Vooruit Kunstencentrum in Gent,, Alkantarafestival in Lissabon, Ness El Fenn-festivalen in Tunis, The BRXL BRAVO-festival in Kaaitheater, Brussels and PACT Zollverein i Essen.

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