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Present Woods (If trees had ears), 2015-16


Interview with me in Swedish press click here


Radio-interview click here


If a tree falls but no-one is there to hear it,  will it still make a sound?

The work of Murray Schafer and  others in the 60’s lead to the

founding of the discipline acoustic ecology. Within it they study

mankind and its relationship to its surroundings, mediated

through sound. I’m inspired by acoustic ecology with its focus

on the dynamic relationship inherent in soundscapes around

us. I want to encourage others to listen more carefully to the

worlds around them as it will raise an awareness of how we

relate to, co-create and are affected by the soundscapes

around us, natural and artificial ones.


Present woods will make you see with your ears as

it transforms you and the room to another                                   

place and time.                                                                                                       



100 000 Swedish crowns granted by

Kulturbryggan in  2014.

70 000 swedish crowns granted by the

Swedish Arts Grant committee in 2015.                                      



Research-phase March-April 2015 in Stockholm.


March 28 - April 2nd 2015 showing at Q-02 in Brussels.


7 September 2015 - 1 March 2016 recordings in

Nacka Naturreservat Stockholm


4-29 April 2016 mixing at EMS, staging at MDT

in Stockholm


May 2016 Premiere at MDT, Stockholm. tbc.


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