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Slumberland, now touring


In a Swedish newspaper, a social worker from Stockholm described how he often receives messages in the middle of the night from the young offenders he supervises. Their question is always the same: “Why can’t I sleep?”

They are not alone; in our “attention economy” about 30 percent of people now suffer from insomnia. How can we sleep when money is to be made from every second we spend awake and staring at a screen? This group VR experience invites you to get some rest—a radical proposition.

The Bombina Bombast company from Sweden works at the intersection of theater and new technology, and is a pioneer in the field of live virtual reality. In Slumberland they lead you to sleep, guided live by two actors in the virtual space. Make yourself comfortable and allow yourself to be transported into a digital dream world, where every star tells a story—the thoughts of young people about insomnia and the night.



Emma Bexell Stanisic,

Stefan Bexell Stanisic,

Robin Jonsson


Olivia Hultman

Technical artist

Jesper Berger namens Bombina Bombast,

Joar Jakobsson

Created by

Bombina Bombast & Robin Jonsson


Samuel Lindgren namens Dyno Robotics,

Joar Jakobsson


Bombina Bombast

Sound Design

John Conlon


Emma Bexell Stanisic,

Stefan Bexell Stanisic


Cenk Guzelis


Matilda Tjäder,

Daniel Tjäder

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