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Get Real Now, touring

Robin Jonsson has extensive experience in incorporating advanced digital technology into the performing arts processes. In Get Real, the audience are introduced to a new kind of genre of performing arts, which can be experienced thanks to VR – Virtual Reality. The performance takes shape in real time and is created live by the dancers and the audience, in an intimate and genuine community, in the borderland between a physical and digital environment.
Short biography of the choreographer / initiator(s): Robin Jonsson has long worked thoroughly with new technology to create new paradigms in the art of dance. He is passionately usi
ng new digital tools to expand what dance could be and how it is made. Among other things, he has used social robots on stage in "The most human" and "Other than human". His work “Alone Together” takes place entirely in VR and “Get Real” is a hybrid work that takes place in VR and IRL at the same time.


Concept: Robin Jonsson
Created by and performed by: Emelie Wahlman, Nea Landin, 
Anika Edström Kawaji and Rebecka Berchtold
Light-design: Johan Sunden
Music: William Rickman
Costume-design: Elin Hallberg
Technician: Angela X
Text: Malin Axelsson
Artistic Advisor: Ebba Petrèn.
VR-design: Lutra Interactive
VR-developer: Dyno Robotics

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All Videos

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